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Many times sellers will spend a lot of money upgrading their home prior to selling. Sometimes this is valuable, and sometimes not.


Every home is different and every market is different.

  • Fix needed repairs or not ?  Either answers may be correct. We have sold homes that were basically “tear downs” and the buyer did not want anything repaired because the buyer had an entire remodel plan. If you don’t repair will that lower your sales price? Not in all cases. The property mentioned above was listed for $599,000 and sole “As Is” for $650,000.

  • Stage or not stage ? Again both answers may be correct. We have sold cluttered homes, staged homes, and empty homes. If the home is priced right and in a desirable location the home will sell for the best price whether it is staged or not staged. Discuss your concerns and ideas with us.

  • What is important when you list your home? We recommend that you get a property inspection up front as soon as you list or even before. That way you as the seller know exactly what the buyer concerns will be and you will have an estimate of the needed repairs.

What is important to us is that you make the decisions using our expertise. Our goal is to make the transaction gentle and as stress free as we can. Some clients do not want a sign in the yard – that is OK. Some clients want a big sign and many open houses – that is OK as well.


The real estate transaction is paper intensive, time intensive, and can be stressful. Our goal is to communicate clearly with you and to explain all the paperwork and choices along the journey.

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